AMDG-Collaborative Services

In order to receive funding from most government entities, organizations need to
collaborate to provide comprehensive services to clients. Collaboratives are faced a
“puzzle” of multiple, sometimes conflicting, perspectives and expectations that need to be
rapidly assimilated into an agreed upon direction.  

Collaborative efforts need to be coordinated and managed to realize the end goal-whole
group achievable outcomes.  

AMDG  is here to help you with:
Identification of  key stakeholders, their key interests and goals
Identification of barriers and approaches to gaining consensus and commitment
Facilitation of consensus through communications and mediation
Managing stakeholder expectations
Developing work plans to keep project on track, incorporating milestones and
Establishment of performance outcomes
Coordination of deliverables
Overseeing quality and consistency
Standardizing formats and requirements for submissions
Consolidating team plans and development of program view