AMDG-Development Services

Nearly any interested individual or organization is eligible to receive funding from
government and/or private grant funding sources.  Locating funding opportunities, assessing
available networks, and completing the application for funding is a lengthy, detailed process.
 More and more grants are requiring strong collaborations.  Often, non-profits and small
businesses are too busy to assess available collaborations and foster relationships.  AMDG is
here to help.  We have access to information, knowledge of networking and experience in
completing the application process.  We can help you apply for grants, painlessly.  The more
grants you apply for, the better chances you have of receiving grants.

Fundraising is a daunting task for many organizations.  Many organizations don't have the
personnel nor do they have the expertise to develop a thorough, successful fundraising
campaign.  AMDG will assess your organization's capacity for fundraising and in
collaboration, will develop a customized plan to bring more money to you.

 has worked with organizations to receive over $18 million in funding. We have
significant experience creating, administering and overseeing private large-donor solicitation
programs in non-profit organizations and experience with capital and endowment campaigns.

AMDG  is here to help you with:
       Grant Seeking
       Grant Writing
       Grants Management
       Grants Evaluation
       Capital and Endowment Campaigns
       Special Events Coordination
AM Development Group
Oak Hills and South Pasadena, CA